Blog by Dale Lembke

This event is very special to our family.  We are proud and very grateful for the community support and enthusiasm that has been shown throughout the years to keep it going forward.  I never really believed that it would continue after that first one but, here it is the ninth run event coming up soon.  It couldn’t get done without the many volunteers that step forward every year.  That says a lot about the community we live in.    It has been almost eight years since we lost our son and although that sounds like a long time – for us it is like yesterday.  That pain and sorrow goes deep and never really goes away.   We think about Matthew all the time.  That connection to the community really helps us through the rough spots and gives us hope for the future.  We see his name come up time and time again through these efforts.  The scholarship in his name is something for us to be proud of and carries that hope for the future.  It truly is making something positive out of a terrible situation.

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