A Cause Worth Running For

For the last 12 years the Regatta Run has been raising funds for college scholarships for graduates of Tualatin High School. In fact, over $225,000 has been raised! That is why it was such a natural fit for the Tualatin Rotary Club to take over the organization of this event. The Tualatin Rotary Club also has a long history of providing four-year college scholarships to first-generation college students from Tualatin High School. During the same time period as the Regatta Run, Tualatin Rotary awarded over $125,000 in scholarship money of their own.

The $4,500 per year award is also paired with a Rotarian mentor that stays with the student throughout their college journey. The emotional support from the mentor can often provide as much, if not more value to the students as the financial support.

To date, Tualatin Rotary has seen four students graduate from college with a four-year degree, with one going on to get a masters degree. There are currently five scholarship recipients in college, studying everything from education to law to pre-med. Some of these students would not have had the opportunity to go to college without this support. For Rotarians, they feel confident that investing in just one student, could end up changing the world. You never know what one person is capable of doing if given the opportunity.

To become a part of these life-changing scholarships and programs, register for the Regatta Run today or even consider becoming a sponsor. Your support could be the key to unlocking the potential of one of these students.

To learn more about the Tualatin Rotary Mentor Scholarship, click here or visit tualatinrotary.org.

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